Get in touch!

You can place your order by phone and have it ready to collect!

Just call us on 524 800

To speak to us about anything else then either come along to Caffe Isola at

85a, St James St, Newport

or email us at


2 thoughts on “Get in touch!

  1. Maureen

    We love your cafe is fab but a lot of the times we have been its like creche , far too much moise from screaming children, or kids out of control.
    We love kids but not go point where you have to get up and leave because no one checks this.
    Its not too much to ask is it for parents to consider tgat their kids might be making too much noise.
    Its not just in your cafe its everywhere, and many places are now putting up notices to ask that parents keep children more under control.
    We think its a fair enough comment to make, when seeking somewhere nice to have a chilled out coffe and something to eat.. sorry if we sound miserble , but we feel its fair comment.

    • caffeisola

      Hi Maureen, thank you for coming in to Caffe Isola and also for your feedback. I can understand that things can be a bit noisy on occasion and we do rely on parents keeping their children under suitable control and supervision. We are a very inclusive cafe with customers from just about every walk of life and age, but we also want everyone to enjoy their time here. We are currently still working hard to open the additional areas upstairs which we intend will be a more intimate and quieter environment which hopefully will appeal to a number of our customers.

      Many thanks, The Caffe Isola Team

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